Fortress Allambie 400!

Well, we’ve done it again, Fortress Allambie 400!

400 days of keeping our Residents of Allambie Heights Village Residential Aged Care Facility safe with Zero Covid-19 and Zero Flu incidences, 2 residents showed some symptoms of a cold in all this time, simply remarkable.

There is a story behind the ‘Fortress Allambie’ tag and I look forward to sharing the story with all its levels at some stage with you. But for the moment, the ‘lines of defence’ by our staff is powerful imagery, I hope you will agree. But a strong ‘defence’ should also be ‘an offensive defence’!

Our residents received both doses of their Covid-19 vaccinations in March 2021 without any problems and they received their Flu Vaccinations on 5 May 2021.

We just love the ‘Fortress Allambie 400 Offensive’ photo. Of course, our staff are never offensive except when it comes to being defensive and protecting our residents!

Our Business is Protection!


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