COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

aged care covid 19 coronavirus update

Department of Health update regarding COVID-19 / Coronavirus.

Jim Murray, Facility Manager and the entire staff of the Company initiated increased hygiene awareness some weeks ago and before communications received from the Department of Health regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19. It is wonderful when you have a Housekeeping Team who just do the right thing, they commenced cleaning handrails and door handles on their own initiative as a team. Regular handwashing required of everyone.

We have been engaging our staff, residents, relatives and volunteers in the precautions that we are asking everyone to follow in relation to maintaining excellent hygiene and regular hand washing. We have written to our relatives and volunteers and asked them to stay away from our RACF if they experience any cold or flu-like symptoms. Stay away for a period of 14 days.

It really is essential that Australians manage their fears rationally and responsibly. Recent reports of panic, bulk-buying of toilet rolls and certain foodstuffs as well as staff in large numbers not turning up at a Sydney RACF are reprehensible, foolish and ignorant behaviours. We need to be better than that.

Ciarán Foley,
Chief Executive Officer.

Please follow the advice of the Department of Health and respect the communications to you as we update you on how you can support us. Remember, we have staff and management with excellent experience, skills, knowledge and experience. That is why residents have chosen to live with us and our staff have chosen to work at Allambie Heights Village Ltd.