Volunteer Lunch

volunteering william charlton villageManagement of our RACF and Company Management celebrated our wonderful dedicated team of volunteers in February at our Annual Volunteers Lunch.

From our most recent to our longest-serving volunteer, Renata Junker who has been making weekly visits on 2 buses each way for almost 18 years. Ciarán thanked them all for the skills, knowledge, caring and empathic engagement with residents of our RACF. Our volunteers come from our 2 retirement villages, from Lifeline and from communities on the Northern Beaches and beyond.

Volunteering at William Charlton Village and Allambie Heights Village Ltd. is strong and well. Ciarán thanked Cathy Higginson, Coordinator of Recreational Activities and Volunteers for her organisation, her creative and innovative ideas in leading the Recreational Program which was extended in 2019 to 7 days a week, 9.30am – 9.00pm.

volunteers william charlton village

The Volunteers had only high praise for the delicious meal cooked by our Chefs. Ciarán referred to poor reporting by journalists over the past year of food in Australian RACFs. Our Volunteers were having none of that criticism. They know that our meals are fantastic because they eat with us and they communicated that they know too that our residents love their meals because they tell them so. Maggie Beer (who launched a welcome campaign to improve food and nutritional standards in RACFs some time ago), we’re happy to invite you over to eat with our residents, any time! We’ve been doing it well for 13 years with Catering Industries Pty Ltd. Thank you Volunteers, you are absolutely brilliant! Any one interested in becoming a Volunteer with us will receive appropriate support and training, please contact Cathy, chigginson@alhvillage.com.au.

Maggie Beer, we’re happy to invite you over to eat with our residents, any time!